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Those who plan to live in the Central Valley, in or close to San Jose, will find that Rohrmoser, a subburb in the Western part of the capital, is an excellent place to settle down. You will find it less than 10 minutes away from La Sabana, going West in the direction of Pavas. La Sabana used to be the old airport and is now a large park where people like to gather to jog, skate, ride their bikes, walk by the lake or walk their dogs.

The boulevard Rohrmoser is truly a beautiful sight with its gorgeous trees that come in full blossom. Rohrmoser is great for those who like to take a walk with its multitudes of Parks and open spaces.  Plaza Mayor with its supermarkets, food court, shops, banks and cinemas, provides you with all you need without having to travel more than five minutes. There are no traffic jams in Rohrmoser, no matter what time of the day it is.

Rohrmoser prides itself of having one of the best bilingual school of the country, the British School of Costa Rica, and it is the home of the embassy of the United States. Rohrmoser is also less than 5 minutes away from Escazu, 10 minutes away from Multiplaza, the big fancy shopping mall, and the Cima Hospital. Another 5 minutes and you are in Santa Ana, along the San Jose – Caldera road, that gives you a fast access to the Pacific Coast.

TheTobias Bolanos Domestic Airport, the Nature Air base, is located just on the edge of Pavas in Rohrmoser; this is where you can catch flights to the best destinations of the country. The Juan Santamaria International Airport is however no more than 20 minutes away.

Rohrmoser is not short of good places to eat; you have Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Lebanese, just to name a few. On Pavas Road there are also some good lively bars such as Tragaldabas, Kabanas and Van Gogh. If you want to drive or take a short taxi ride to Paseo Colon, in San Jose, just accross La Sabana, you have the very well known Vertigo and Rhapsodia club and lounge, and the famous Lebnon restaurant.

With its clean quite pretty streets, lovely green parks, and family orientated atmosphere, Rohrmoser is an excellent choice if you want to settle close to San Jose for its convenience and amenities, whether you are single or come with your family. The neighborhood is friendly, safe and quiet, and all the streets have pavements, a real luxury in this country!

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