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Moravia is a pleasant little town in the province of San Jose, with a pleasant fresh climate all year round. The Canton of Moravia reaches the cordillera central to the North with the Braulio Carillo National Park and the rivers Virilla and Para Blanco, and the rivers Quebrada Azul and Macho to the south.

It got its name from a former president of the name of Juan Rafael Mora, however, as there was already a canton called Mora, it became Moravia.

Moravia is known for its fine coffee, beans, fruits, vegetables and dairy products, and for its leather. It is pretty much an agricultural country, and with its proximity to the wonderful Braulio Carillo, is perfect for those who seek a close contact to nature while being close to the capital. The little town is very friendly, safe an clean, complete with small shopping malls, supermarkets, and all necessary amenities.

Moravia is also close to the road that goes to the province of Limon and the beaches of Cahuita and Puerto Viejo, and Tortuguero, famous for welcoming turtles that come to nest on the beach every year.  All together a great choice for a clean healthy living, and a stress free life.

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