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Ciudad Colon is the next little town you will found if you keep on going past Santa Ana, on the road to the Pacific Coast. At 3000 feet above sea level, it has awesome views, surrounded by mountains, canyons and tropical vegetation. Home of the University of Peace, where over 200 students pursue world peace studies, conflict resolution, human rights and natural resources management, it has an easy going and blossoming air to it, while being still a typical cowboy little town. Modernization has not touched it too much and it doesn’t have the glitter and the jazzy style found in parts of Santa Ana. Ciudad Colon is just simple, nice and slow.

Because of its total lack of pretension and snobbishness, this little town has retained lower real estate prices than those in Santa Ana and in Escazu, yet it has many jewels to offer. Good supermarkets have now opened their doors, and typical no-nonsense cafes and restaurants are plentiful, offering good wholesome food.

Try the famous Chicharronera Meme Pàjito on the main road between Colon and Santa Ana, El Stablo for an exquisite juicy steak or Earthly Delights for the best in vegetarian cooking. There are many typical bars to choose from where Bocas or snacks can also be enjoyed.
Ciudad Colon is the place to be if you are into outdoors activities such as horse riding, cycling, hiking and running, with its multitudes of hidden tracks.

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