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While in San Jose, make sure you make a trip to Aserri. It is only a short trip from the capital and well worth it as it is a beautiful area to visit, full of mystery, magic and culture. It first appeared in the 18th Century and got its name from an Indian chief called Aczarri who was the leader of the area at that moment.

The views as you go up the highway to Aserri are really spectacular. Before long, a huge rock standing 30 meters long will suddenly rise in front of you. It marks the entrance of a cave where a witch called Na Zarate lives. According to the legend, the witch Na Zarate walks the streets of the mountain and of the highway to guard her jewels, diamonds, gold and precious treasures she hid there a long long time ago! And if you do not see the witch, well, you have the rewarding breathtaking view. The scenic location and splendid panoramic settings make this a favorite tourist attraction.

Aserri is also known for its excellent climate and soothing country life. With San Jose no more than 15 minutes away it offers the best of both world, city life and country life. It has fine restaurants, shops, grocery stores, a gym and three banks. And while you are there make sure to go to the Mirador Ram Luna, that is said to be the finest restaurant of the Central Valley!

If you are looking for the Real Costa Rica, a good climate with views out of this world, Aserri is definitely the place!

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