Professionally upraised

(Property ID #1857)

  • punta leona
  • 0 Bed, 0 Bath
  • - 174.01 Acres (7,578,351 Sq Feet Lot)

Property Information

Currently the property "H C" is segregated into 12 lots, between 50,000 and 70,000 m2, duly registered in the Civil Registry.

These are:

Building site # 1 (58.021mts2),

Building site # 2 (50.531mts2) 

Building site # 3 (58.221mts2) 

Building site # 4 (54.852mts2)

Building site # 5 (69.463mts2) 

Building site # 6 (50.022mts2) 

Building site # 7 (66.171mts2) 

Building site # 8 (52.201mts2) 

Building site # 9 (53.141mts2) 

Building site # 10 (61.925mts2)

Building site # 11 (67.765mts2)

Building site # 12 (61.733mts2)

Total field (704.046.05mts2)  all  overlooking the mountains (Carara Park), nearby forests and the Pacific ocean. The entire property has a total of approximately 25% to 30% of buildable area in a vertical building with the intention of preserving the environment . Access to the property is through a right of way of Villa Lapas Condominium, giving access to the same hotel and Club Punta Leona.

At the moment, "H C" has trails to all different building zones of each Building sites. It has developable areas near the coast with magnificent ocean views also a perfect location for a hotel or condo with an ocean view. The property has water availability and access to electricity.

Property Features

Property Features

  • Status: Available
  • No furniture
  • Approximately 7,578,351 Sq Feet Lot

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