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There are two beaches called Playa Hermosa in Costa Rica; one is in Guanacaste, and the other one  is in Puntarenas.

Playa Hermosa of Puntarenas is located just 4 kms south of Jaco, and is also very close from San Jose. This is basically a surfers’ beach, as swimming there does is a bit tricky! It is one of these long and beautiful sandy beaches though, that give a feeling of peace and freedom! Close to the busy Jaco, Hermosa is not really a tourist beach and ideal is you don’t like crowds and are on your way south, or just looking for a destination that is both gorgeous but close to the Capital of San Jose.

Serious surfers swear by this beach and come from all over the world; waves can reach an impressive 4 meters high and break powerfully on the shore. Everybody wants to surf the famous break that is located in front of a huge tree known as the Almond Tree (El Almendro). It is possible however to swim in front of Hotel Palma, also known as La Curva, at low tide.

It is however important to remember that the currents there are treacherous and that caution and common sense must be applied at all time. The whole beach is lined with lovely palm trees that provide a welcome shade and the beach is perfect for a dreamy day by the ocean, taking in the view, watching the surfers and enjoying the lovely sea mist. Hermosa is just south of Jaco; you keep going at the end of Jaco beach, go over the hill, and you are there!

The little town itself is really small. It does have its inevitable soccer field, a few bars and restaurants, a couple of stores and just few hotels. For this reason, many just prefer to stay in Jaco. There are however a couple of very nice hotels.

When surfing or swimming has warned you out, take a stroll to the Wildlife Refuge, or Reserva Biologica de Playa Hermosa. This is a protected area where the Olive Ridley Turtle come to lay their eggs on the beach, between July and December. From October to February, it is possible to see the cute little baby turtles wobble down the beach to the sea!

Playa Hermosa, with its great beach and endless horizon, is an excellent choice if you like to be away from it all while staying close to the action. It has a true ocean atmosphere with its lovely villas aligned along the shore, its endless beach and deep blue sky. Definitely not to be missed!

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