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Esterillos is located in the province of Puntarenas, on the Central Pacific coast. It can be reached from the Highway 34, the road that passes through Jaco, Hermosa, and South towards Quepos, Manuel Antonio and Domincal. Esterillos is just 20 minutes south of Playa Hermosa and has an exotic tropical air that is very pleasant, with its chocolate brown sandy beach, turquoise ocean, coconut and almond trees teeming with Scarlet Macaws. The long stretch is made of Esterillos Oeste and Esterillos Este, or West and East. There are plenty of places to stay, from small cabinas to hotels and charming villas for rent.

There are lots of activities, starting with surfing of course, thanks to the brilliant waves.. During low tide, the size of the beach dramatically expands and it is lovely to go beach combing looking for shells. People like to take a stroll on Esterillos as it is very long, or horseback riding. Away from the shore, there is wilderness and more wilderness, it is green and greener;  there are few accomodations there as well for those who prefer to stay away from the beach. Esterillos is one of those places where there are still more ticos than foreigners! Swimmers should watch out for dangerous currents in Esterillos, and it is advisable to ask the local people if you are in doubt.

Esterillos Oeste is south of Playa Hermosa just passed the Punta Judas that separates the beaches. You cannot see this part of the beach from the road, so you need to watch out for the sign post. The northern part of the beach, just passed Punta Judas, is a bit rocky, and is great if you like to wander in rock pools, watching miniature wildlife. The tide pool by the cliffs is full of fossilization, uncovered during low tide. There is a statue of a mermaid La Sirena, near where the surfing is good, specially in the early hours.

There the waves are quite shallows and it is great for long boards. Surfers from Jaco or Hermosa sometimes like to try Esterillos, however there are also many people who just like the natural peace of the tropical paradise. This 7 kms stretch also attracts joggers and those who like to take an early morning stroll on the beach.

Esterillos Centro is the part between West and East. There you will find a few shops, and few more houses, cabinas, hotels and restaurants. Esterillos Centro is specially known for La Felicidad, a nice little hotel that also gave its name to a great surfing spot. The waves may be not be as amazing as those of Hermosa, but there is so much less people, it is worth the trip! Something everyone should know about Esterillos is that there are many crocodiles in the mouth during the rainy season!

Finally is Esterillos Este, separated from the Centro by the river. South of Esterillos Este is playa Bejuco. Esterillos Este has a small grass airstrip, parallel to the beach, that has to be crossed if you are driving; make sure you look up in the sky before going through!

Esterillos is very typical of the central pacific, with its long, brown beach lined with coconut trees and beautiful wild sea, and its lush green tropical vegetation. A world apart, far from the chaos of civilization, where the elements met to create a unique paradise.

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