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Surfers and Nature lovers are both attracted to the amazing beauty and wilderness of the beaches of Dominical. With waves reaching more than 10 feet high, this is surfers’paradise at its best! Dominical is located on the southern part of the central Pacific, in athe province of Puntarenas, just before the peninsula Osa, some 40 kms south of Jaco and 28kms south of Quepos and Manuel Antonio. People are attracted by this region for its dazzling tropical wildlife and long deserted beach, and there is more to do there than surf; it is also a great place for relaxing and enjoying the simple pleasures of life.

Domincal, with its 4km stretch of black sands and ferocious ocean, abundant and lush vegetation, forest, and animals. There is a great canopy tour to do in the area that is the absolutely perfect and best way to appreciate a tropical rain forest, as most of the activities takes place higher up in the trees. From the beach, one can also watch a great number of birds. Swimming however is to be approach with caution in Dominical, not only because of the strong huge waves, but especially for the dangerous currents present along the beach.

Dominical has an easy going atmosphere, with a large community of foreigners. There is a great choice of accommodations to suit every purse and style, some young surfers sometimes just like to set camp on the beach and to sleep under the stars. The food is really good and those who like fish and sea food will be in heaven; there is a large array of restaurants and sodas serving fresh fish, lobster and crab everywhere in the area.

Apart from surfing, there is the opportunity to go kayaking off the coast, diving, or snorkelling, and going on horseback riding tours. Try and go to the Nauyaca Waterfalls, and you must take advantage of the whales and turtles visiting the area; in fact there some boat tours organized from the Marino Ballena National Park to go whale watching, as they come to mate and nest in the area every year; needless to say, this is the experience of a lifetime! Another great short day trip to do is to go to Cano Island that is really just off the coast. The island is known for its great scuba diving and has the reputation to be one of the best spot of the world to see and discover an amazing marine life.

The actual town of Dominical is nothing than a small fishing village that expanded; stretching along a gravel road along the beach, it has restaurants and sodas, hotels, cabinas, and a few grocery stores. Pretty basic and Pura Vida, but nobody needs anything else in paradise!

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