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Rio Banana, or la Bomba as it is usually referred to, is located in the province of Limon, 30 kms south of Cahuita and some 40 kms away from Puerto Viejo, the most popular destinations of the Costa Rican’s Caribbean coast. Tortuguero, the famous destination for watching turtles, is also located in this region.

Limon is famous for being the landing port of Christopher Colombus in 1502. The Caribbean of Costa Rica is colorful and joyful, with a rich culture that so typical. The native people of this region include the Huetare, the Bribri, the Pococie, the Tariaca, the Viecita and the Suerre.

During the late 1800s a railway was built for the banana trade and many people from Jamaica came to work on the construction and they now form the majority of the population on this region; they brought with them their culture, food and music, giving it this inimitable Afro Caribbean feel. Limon is quite unique in Costa Rica, resembling a Caribbean Island, with its beautiful white sand beaches, colorful vegetation, bright blue sea and culture.

Today the banana business is going strong in this province, together with the culture of cocoa, bamboo, coconut, and beans.

Rio Banano is green and wild, set in the mysterious and lush rain forest of this exuberant tropical coast. Monkeys, sloths and tropical birds will enchant you, while the rhythm of the Caribbean will transport you in bliss. Close to the magical Caribbean sea but just a little away from the crowds, this is a great place to enjoy the Atlantic side of Costa Rica.

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