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Cahuita is a ocean front small village located on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. It is located near one of the most beautiful rain forest in Cahuita National Park with lots of monkeys and a living coral reef with plentiful of tropical fish species that you can view snorkeling. You wouldn't find your typical fast food restaurants like KFC, Burger King or Mcdonalds. However, there are local foods to try like "Ron Don” ( Jamaican dish cooked with coconut milk and fish known as Run Down) or Patties ( a pastry stuffed with spicy meats or veggies) which is much fresher.

The village has a nice vibe with reggae music and friendly locals and expats. You can walk to most attractions in the village such as boat rides, yoga and massage, buy fresh lobster and fish, and visit very nice restaurants. Also you can walk to the entrance of the Cahuita National Park. Enjoy the slow pace and manana attitude, a natural remedy for stress.

As far as Cahuita real estate goes, almost all the land has been purchased in this area, but there is still lots of virgin coastline starting from Cahuita reaching nearly to Limon.

You can find raw land near the beach in Cahuita, for around $40-$75 per square meter, while land farther away from the beach will go for around $10 a square meter depending on the area.

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