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This is a typical little town you would come close to if you were on your way to Barva to visit the volcano. You will find it 5 km northwest of Heredia, 3 kms away from the little town of Barva.

Maybe what first attracts people there is the Spanish school, however, once there they are often charmed by the beauty of this inviting coffee plantation village, and they stay. There is the guided tour of an organic coffee farm that includes lunch, hiking in the surrounding rain forests, waterfalls, horseback riding, in all, it offers many of the attractions tourists seek in Costa Rica.

The big surprise with Santa Barbara has to be Emus, an Ostrich farm, certainly not what one expects to see in Heredia. Make sure to also see the Ark Herb Farm. Located about 2 and half kilometres above Santa Barbara, find yourself in 20 Acres of peaceful gardens with no less than 400 varieties of medicinal herbs, shrubs and trees from the whole world. Another 600 species are to be found in the actual gardens. The owners are happy to give those interested a mesmerising tour of this magnificent property.

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