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This precious little mountain town was named after the chief of an indigenous community, Barvac, who ruled the area before the arrival of the Spanish.

Barva is well known as the volcano sitting above it is one of the main attractions of the country, but also because of its beautiful white stucco baroque church, Saint Bartolome de Barva; together with its plaza and various other buildings in the town it was declared a national monument by the government.

The whole village is indeed considered to be a national monument. Every year, on the 24th August, the inhabitants of Barva have a celebration for its saint, featuring the exuberant parade of a masquerade, with people wearing huge masks.

Attached on the slopes of the extinct volcano and laying amongst coffee plantation, this beautiful town deserve more than just a glance. Located about 2km north of the town of Heredia, it was one of the first town to be colonised. Barva is still very typically Tica today; here you can find and feel the true Costa Rican flavor and essence.

For those who love a bit of history and colonial architecture, Barva is undeniably the place to come to. The town and its people are enchanting. It is teeming with attractive coffee places and typical restaurants.

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