Teak farm for sale

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  • Tamarindo
  • 0 Bed, 0 Bath
  • - 12.36 Acres (538,211 Sq Feet Lot)

Property Information


Located Cañafistula which has been historically an agricultural development, focused in the production of grains and extensive livestock.


Due to the closeness to the area of Tamarindo, such agricultural development has changed gradually, and stronger, in the last years, towards tourist activity, and recently has experienced a strong commercial development in the construction area.

This property is located, in short distances of a radio of not more than 10 kilometers of commercial services of all kind, offices of several local banks,

offices of professionals that practice different disciplines, this way facilitating

housing activity oriented to the recreation of national citizens and foreigners of

middle and upper income.


The distance from Cañafistula to Santa Cruz is of 30 kilometers accurately from which 15 are with bearing ballast layer in a very good state. Other access points nearby as Villareal, Huacas, Conchal and others, have paved roads in a very good general state.


The lot location is in between two properties, with public ballast road frontage

on its west side, such frontage is of 222.22 meters, shape tends to be from

rectangular to trapezoidal, with an average depth of 201.86 meters, a capacity

of 50.001.00 square meters. (see map attached).


In it´s front it has access to the services offered in the area whether it’s potable

water, telephone, electricity and paid passenger services.


The land is considered clay loam without significant limitations for its use. It is

considered suitable for the several normal activities in the area.


The teak plantation (tectona grandis) with an estimated age of 14

years, an average diameter of 22.85 centimeters, an average commercial

height of 5.1 meters, 331 trees per hectare and a wood volume of 105.5 cubic

meters per hectare. It is estimated that the planting coverage is of 80% of the

area of the asset, equivalent to 4.0 hectares of planted trees in the property. The topography is flat, and the area in a short to middle term shall be the best economical option for exploitation for a development project on the plantation is clear (only if you are looking to sell Teak) it will also be perfect for conservation.





Property Features

Property Features

  • Status: Available
  • No furniture
  • Approximately 538,211 Sq Feet Lot

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