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If you happen to be on the Gold Coast of Costa Rica in the area of Tamarindo and of Flamingo in Guanacaste, make sure to visit the small little beaches that have escaped development, offering peace, solitude and natural beauty like nowhere else on this part of the country.  Playa Potrero is a quiet, secluded little bay, with lovely sand and quiet, warm turquoise water. This little treasure has not been too promoted and this is where to go to unwind and forget about the stresses of modern life. Because of its lack of chic popularity, its hotels are more affordable, although there are a few luxurious ones is you want to pamper yourself. Swimming, scuba diving, snorkelling and kayaking are all on offer, as well as horse riding on the beach. Of course you may just want to laze in the sun and get a tan!

The pituresque harbor and the little community are to be found the on the northern part of the beach. This is where you have got to go to find yourself a boat and a captain if you want to go sportsfishing, or if you simply feel like a day out at sea. On the Southern shine the lights of the upmarket Playa Flamingo with its 5 stars hotels and fancy restaurants. Back towards the East the chain of volcanoes is detached in the deep blue sky.  Round the corner is the Santa Rosa National Park and the Palo Verde Natural Reserve, where the fauna and flora of Costa Rica can be admired at its best.

Playa Potrero may not be the first place you hear about when you first get to Costa Rica, but you should give it a visit, you will be pleasantly surprised! Furthermore, there are gorgeous little bays on this part of the coast where small communities have settled down and they are all very scenic and idealistic. Try the luxurious Villas of Villagio Flor del Pacifico, a peaceful stretch of coastline perfect for that sunset stroll, and great for swimming, snorkelling or scuba diving. 

Maybe the most precious hidden treasure nearing perfection are the charming Playa Pan de Azucar and Playa Danta, an example of what a pristine beaches should be like in Costa Rica. Made of stretches of brilliant white sands, caused maybe by the volcanic rocks dating from the Tertiary Era they barely reach a kilometre in length.

The hotel Sugar Beach is perfect, you wish to stay there for a few resting days.  At the little town of Guapelines, by Penca Point, the land drops directly in the sea, resulting in white cliffs criss crossed by shiny streams in the rainy season; quite an extraordinary sight in this area. It is possible to go hiking from Playa Pan de Azucar to Playa Danta. The tiny Pitahayas Islets can be seen from Playa Danta, and further South you discover the Santa Catalina Island when you stand on Salinas Point. From Playa Pan de Azucar you can see the small Cocoyas Islands, Plata Island and Playa Potrero.  Finally, you have Playa Prieta, between Potrero and Penca, where you can rent gorgeous luxurious villas by the day, week, or month.

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