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One of Costa Rica’s secret is the small playa Ocotal, south of Playas del Coco. You will find this treasure of outstanding beauty about 40kms away from Liberia,  and it marks the beginning of the Gulf of Papagayo. It is a calm sandy beach, surrounded by hills and cliffs of sedimentary metamorphic rocks of about 80 millions of ages.

This Eden, so peaceful and relaxing, is ideal for spending some time just passing time, letting go and relaxing down, admiring the sea and the beautiful surroundings. Ocotal is probably the best beach for snorkeling in the area because the sea there is crystal clear and calm; the little rocky islands within the cove make it just ideal for this. With its beautiful clean black and white sand, it is also wonderful for swimming, or any outdoor activity of your liking.

Playa Ocotal has the reputation to be very healthy because of the negative ions in the form of some whitish mist imbued in the sea air. The sun is always shinning and the sea is always deep blue, and this peaceful but energising little beach is really such a wonderful place to be.

For those who want more than snorkeling, scuba diving is available in the nearby Catalina Islands. The Giant Manta Ray is actually a frequent visitor of these waters.

There are few accommodations in Ocotal, it must be said though that there are not the cheapest. If you are on a budget or prefer simpler accommodations, you might simply have to camp!
The mesmerising beauty of Playa Ocotal makes it one of the best beach to visit in Costa Rica.

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