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  • Turrialba
  • 0 Bed, 0 Bath
  • - 73.74 Acres (3,211,633 Sq Feet Lot)

Property Information

 Turrialba Costa Rica is located in the province of Cartago, this region is known as the door to the Atlantic. This piece of paradise will take you out of the central valley and into the lowlands of the Caribbean. Turrialba Costa Rica boasts a large volcanic peak that draws admirers from around the world. This colossus has been quiet since a series of eruptions in the 19th century, fumarolic activity continues at the summit craters. Turrialba Costa Rica is made up of fertile farmlands, rustic scenery and bright pastures blanketing the mountains, with accommodations folded away into nooks in this bucolic environment. The principal activity in Turrialba Costa Rica is agriculture: here you can see large acreages of coffee, sugar cane and macadamia nuts, as well as the only milk processing plants and cattle ranches allowed to produce “Queso Turrialba”, their traditional cheese. Turrialba Costa Rica has approximately 80,000 habitants distributed over 1,040m2. The pleasant weather and friendly atmosphere make Turrialba Costa Rica a wonderful location to purchase real estate.

You can get this great opportunity just now, since this great and beautiful property is being sold at a very low price. A total of 298 368 square meters are sold as one property being 2 separate lots, one of 271 531 square meters and the other one of 26 836 square meters.

Out of the whole property from 7 to 10 hectares are pastures and all the rest is secondary forest and could be used as the buyer pleases. The property is only 10 minutes away from Platanillo by car, through a gravel road in good shape. The property also counts with its own water service. Even when the electricity service for the lot is available, the owners have not been interested on requesting it, but it could be requested at the time of buying.

Property Features

Property Features

  • Status: Available
  • No furniture
  • Approximately 3,211,633 Sq Feet Lot

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