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This property is NOT in service and it needs Work to become alive. There´s NO infrastructure at the property since it has been completely abandoned 

Not in vain the Project has the approvals as a 4 star ranked eco-destination. 30 Acres of manicured land, all the permits needed and one of the most beautiful properties in the area are a perfect mix to have a paradisiacal eco friendly tourism destination that has all the permits needed to become a 40 room/villas hotel.

 A spa and relaxation center with natural trails in a exclusive 4 star environmental friendly concept and equestrian facilities with restaurant and special events/multiuse/conference room.

This project is located in an exceptional place surrounded by nature at +-1,600 meters (above 5.000 feet) height with an average yearly temperature of 20° Celsius (68° F) and only 40 minutes from San Jose, the Capital and 15 minutes from Cartago Province and 1 hour from the International Airport. This is a NATURAL protected area with a forest in one part, an abundance of fruit trees in another, and a river with pure natural and fresh water suitable for raising trouts ( with certified analysis made by the National University laboratories ) which has been developed for taking care of the preservation of the flora and fauna of the region.

This small river that runs on the property has a beautiful 25 meters or approx. 80 feet. drop waterfall facing the tropical gardens of the proposed hotel site. The properties that include the whole project site have been surveyed completely, are titled Besides, has internal roads, some plots areas defined, horses stables, corral, pound, has electricity and telephone access and all the elevations, master plan, soil studies, electrical, hydraulic, sewer, water, construction and the Institutions involved including the rigorous environmental and the Tourism authorizations...

 Normally to get this done takes a lot of money and at least three years! The Project and the law, All mandatory studies, have been made on this project after 3 years of preparation work, (biological, hydrological, geological, archeological, geophysical ) the construction architectural and engineering plans with 3D simulations and renderings are done with full respect of the ecological philosophy. 

This project complies with all of the biological and environmental regulations and is recognized by the Ministry office for Environment Issues ( SETENA ) that gave its seal of approval for the construction of the hotel complex (Viabilidad Ambiental). This Project already has very important legal designation called the “declaratoria turistica“ , that classifies it as a Tourist Project, and is expecting the next step which is the seal of the contract called “Contrato Turistico“ delivered by the ICT (Instituto Costarricense de Turismo) that provides important tax deductions, and a liquor license to new hotels who comply with their normal requirements since June 2007 The equestrian stables are already built, presently operational and were awarded the agreement by the same ICT as an adventure tourism activity. A good architectural and commercial conception A Hotel complex proposal that includes:

- A small village of 18 independent +-140 sqm2 (1.500 sqf) villas ( Single room, mini or master suite, terrace, fire place and private Jacuzzi ) complying with the 4 star rating and an additional house of 4 bedrooms especially adapted for reduced mobility people ( for a total of 40 rooms ) For aprox. 2.700 sqf or 29.00 sqf.

- A fine restaurant and bar 660 sqm, aprox. 7,100 sqf.

- A Conference or special events room with a 150 persons capacity.

- Circulation inside the project restricted for pedestrians and electric golf karts, offices and employees facilities, 112 sqm or 1.205 sqf.

- A 500 sqm2 (5.380 sqf) two stories SPA providing aromatherapy, esthetic, medical and relaxing massages services, including a sauna, an exercise room and a large relaxation area with a terrace and an indoor fountain, spa and yoga as well.

- A 200 sqm or 2.152 sqf meeting place opened to nature and to the waterfall, with a non stop food and drink service, where it will be possible to play various table games or just relax with friends.

- A already built equestrian stable with a house of 224 sqm or 2.410 sqf that complies with international adventure tourism norms of safety and maintenance. In this property where nature is a priority, construction will be around 4,400 sqm2 /(47.300 sqf), which is only 37.% of the maximum 11,846 sqm2 (127.463 sqf) allowed for construction.

Excellent economic future A modern project, in total compliance with the national and international market needs. The Costa Rica Real Estate Market has been experimenting a steady growing in all the country as well and Cartago is an area with a big demand of tourism services and continue growing because is less developed than other areas but with a lot of natural beauty and sceneries that attracts the visitors.

The studies have shown that this modern type of development is the only one in this area of Costa Rica. A lot of investment has been made on the property and in all the plans, authorizations, surveys, so, anyone interested will save some years in the process. 

The proposed property is just 5 minutes away from the Pan-American highway (Number two) and the connecting road is scheduled to be paved by the Ministry of Public Works ( MOPT ) that connects San Jose and the Central Valley with the South of Costa Rica to the Panama border. 

There is an absence of competition in this area despite the strong tourists attraction sites like volcanoes, Cartago cathedral, national parks and various adventure activities (this area is frequented by 383,000 tourists per year ) - Large international industrial and technology companies are located in close proximity and there are no accommodations available for executive. 


FROM $ 490.000  TO 330.000


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