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San Ramon lies in the Central Valley in the province of Alajuela, on the road to the Pacific Coast, about one hour away from San Jose. It is very traquil in San Ramon, and is somewhere one passes through, on the way to the beach or to Arenal Volcano.  It is a nice spot to visit if you fancy a few relaxing days while getting a taste of true Costa Rican life. The landscape around this part of the country is very scenic and that is a good enough excuse to laze around this sleepy little town.

San Ramon does however does have some secrets: many of Costa Rica´s presidents were born there, including former president Jose Figueres, as well as famous writers and poets. The city is also proud of its impressive church, one of the very best of the country, and there is a small museum, Museo de San Ramon, that is also worth a visit, displaying sceneries of local lifestyles and traditional homes. Typically, San Ramon´s habitants lived of agriculture and farming. Today, many people transit to the capital and hold office jobs. It is however still coffee country and much of what is produced in the region gets exported. Less known are the three cigars factories; yes, you may smoke a Costa Rican cigars, or Puro, as it is called here!

Until recently, there was a limited selection of high-quality homes in the San Ramón area but this is changing as communities catering to foreign retirees are sprouting up rapidly. However, because development is still relatively new, real estate remains under-priced compared to other towns in the Central Valley.

If you happen to be in the area around August, you´d be able to see the city under a whole different eye if you are lucky enough to be there for the Dia de San Ramon, San Ramon´s day: Music, dancing, parades, food and drinks are plentiful and lots of fun. For those who are gourmets and enjoy cooking, know that San Ramon is home to a cooking school in Coyote Mountain. Go hiking to the sunning cloud forest in Los Angeles and in Piedades Norte, where you will be able to watch an incredible amount of birds, and see monkeys, coatis, and sloths.

For a quiet relaxing night, you can choose between the Angel Valley Farm Bed and Breakfast, the Casa Amanecer, the Inn at Coyote Mountain or the Hotel Escondido. There are many places where you can grab an excellent meal such as the Minas Arias, The Dining Room in the Coyote Mountain, or the Sendero Restaurant in Villa Blanca. San Ramon is the perfect place to experience the true Costa Rica that you may not find on more tourist areas along the coast.

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