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There are few hot springs spots in Costa Rica. This is the only one that we know of that is for sale at this time.

Our hot springs property is situated in the San Carlos area, about twenty minutes from the main town in the province: Ciudad Quesada, and about one hour away from the Arenal volcano. There is another small town: Aguas Zarcas, about twenty minutes away.

The property is accessed by way of a gravel road, about a mile from one of the best asphalt roads in Costa Rica.

The Arenal volcano, the Arenal lake and the town of La Fortuna form an area that is probably the most visited region in Costa Rica, with many hotels, restaurants and resorts nearby, such as the world famous hot springs of Tabacon and Baldi and the Arenal Hanging Bridges. There is a heavy concentration in the area of other tourist activities like Canopy tours, white water rafting and kayaking, the Venado caves, La Fortuna waterfall and many more all within a one hour drive from our hot springs property .

This property is formed by over 12 acres of rain forest and open hills pastures. It has six known hot springs and two beautiful creeks. The hot springs produce heavy water loaded with minerals considered to have curative properties. Geological studies show that the water is not of volcanic origins, but rather originate very deep in the earth.The creeks form small waterfalls and water terraces coated with the minerals coming from the hot springs and deposited on the bed of the creeks. This gives the creeks an appearance that is like nothing else you have seen in a regular creek.

Several hundred trees that produce food and fruits for the wild life have been planted, as well as gardens that attract an incredible amount of butterflies and hummingbirds.

In addition to the trees that we have planted, the natural rain forest also produces all kinds of fruits, nuts and vegetation which attract great quantities of wild life including howler monkeys, white faced monkeys, sloths, toucans, Montezuma oropendolas and many more.

This a beautiful piece of property formed by a combination of rain forest, with many huge trees, and open spaces. The terrain is mostly gentle hills. This is an ideal property for a tourist project since the hot springs are such a scarce natural resource very popular with foreign and domestic tourists alike. This could be also a very nice unique private retreat and it can be also be held as a low cost short or long time investment.




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