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The little town Poas is located in the province of Alajuela, on the slopes of the Poas Volcano. It rises above the towns of Alajuela and Grecia and is surrounded by magnificent lush cloud forests. It is a charming and quiet little town, living mostly off agriculture; the region is coffee country, and is covered by huge coffee plantations.

They are stunning when they come in bloom as the fields are covered with these little white flowers and even more amazing when the beans are bright red,indicating that they are ripe and ready for picking, usually around late November, December time. The area is quite affluent and not unlike Switzerland with its green forests, mountains and rivers. There two other villages in the area; San Rafael de Poas and San Pedro de Poas.

The Volcan Poas National Park, just 47kms away from San Jose,  receives many visitors from all over the world. The ride up the slopes is very scenic, however the park itself surpasses the imagination. The main crater has formed the Botos Lagoon, and has a deep blue color contrasting flamboyantly with the deep green of the luxurious forest surrounding it. With an altitude of 2708 meters, it is one of the highest peak of Costa Rica.

On the way to Poas, when the landscape and flora begins to change as it is giving way to the cloud forest, take the time if you can to go to La Paz Waterfall, or better, visit it on the way back after hiking and climbing! This waterfall is truly wonderful and is one of the wonders of this country and it is also the most photographed waterfall of Costa Rica. Also in the region are three lagoons, the Congo, The Bosque Alegre and the Hule, very mysterious and beautiful, set in the Bosque Alegre National Wildlife Refuge that consist of primary and secondary forests.  It hides many wonderful mamals like howler monkeys and white faced monkeys.

The climate of the little town of Poas is warm, sometimes slightly cool, there is more rainfall in this part of the country as it is close to the Braulio Carillo National Park and because of its altitude. The Volcan National Park itself can be very cold and wet so precautions are a must!
Poas is very quiet, and safe, and is typical of the old and true Costa Rica. These are healthy and beautiful places to live in, with a good climate, peace and serenity; a great place to be in touch with Nature!

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