Amazing beauty of Nature in Costa Rica

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  • Guatuso
  • 0 Bed, 0 Bath
  • - 18.29 Acres (796,525 Sq Feet Lot)

Property Information

This Paradise land property is located to the north of the country in the province of Alajuela. Rio Celeste or “Light blue river” in English is a canton that was given its name by the exquisite color of the river’s water.

The light blue color of its waters is not only a great tourist attraction but is due to the chemical reactions of the calcium carbonate and the sulfur of the Tenorio Volcano. Besides its incredible color, this river also has an amazing waterfall, one of the most beautiful in Costa Rica, and natural hot springs within the majestic tropical forest.

This magnificent property is more than 7 hectares and one of the most beautiful properties around Rio Celeste area, the land has an appraisal of $690 000 but they will sell it for $600 000.

It was declared last year as one of the “7 wonders of Costa Rica”, and for this reason there is a high growth of tourism in this area.

The property has 300 meters of water frontage that runs fast enough to create energy.

Property Features

Property Features

  • Status: Available
  • No furniture
  • Approximately 796,525 Sq Feet Lot

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