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Lot 3

Lot Size: 1246 m2

Lot Price: $81,000 US

Usable area percentage: 90%

Gate # access: 2

Details: This is a huge flat lot suitable for a large house. It has jungle views and is

very sheltered. There is some enormous bamboo at the one end that

is a great show piece! You can hear the calming sound of the river running.


Lot 4

Lot Size: 1396 m2

Lot Price: $65,000 US

Usable area percentage: 50%

Gate # access: 2

Details: Listen to the calming sounds of the river as it is only a stone's throw away.

Jungle and river views. Very sheltered. Long skinny lot with another raised area

for a potential guest house. Up close and personal with the jungle.


Lot 5

Lot Size: 1760 m2

Lot Price: $92,000

Usable area percentage: 90%

Gate # access: 1

Details: Amazing features. Very large usable area with jungle and mountain views.

The highlight is a 90 degree drop-off of more than 100 feet down to the river. A deck

built out over the drop-off would be breathtaking! Great space for a pool at edge of




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Karen Ebanks

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karen @karenrealestate.com

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