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Costa Rica Real Estate

To a visitor, buying real estate in a foreign country can be a daunting process that can confuse even the most seasoned investor. Fortunately, as a certified agent from Cambridge Real Estate, I can guide you through every step of the way to finding your perfect property in  the Costa Rica real estate market. You can be assured of quality and professional advice.

More and more people are now seduced with the idea of investing in Costa Rica Real Estate. Real Estate in Costa Rica has always attracted a fair number of North Americans, however these last few years have seen an increase of Europeans and Canadians wanting to either settle down here or looking for a bargain.

While prices have risen, it is still relatively inexpensive when compared to the market of Europe or of the US. The perfect climate of this small Central American country together with a laid back way of life make it all so attractive to those seeking refuge and a way to escape their fast and eccentric life style. While its neighbours may suffer some political damages, here it remains calm and stable, the democracy well established and the sense of being safe always present.

Costa Rica Real Estate has been  fairly stable and prices have moved little for the last decade, and they are still far below those of developed countries. It is possible here to buy a lot by the beach for under $100,000 and an added minimum of $50,000 will throw in a house. Without a doubt  $250,000 guarantees a very nice home, either on the coast or in the central valley. The resale market is also going strong, indeed is in vogue as far as investors are concerned. US brokers can now  make financial arrangements for property purchase in Costa Rica; with over 50,000 US citizens already living here, this country is now accepted as respectable place to live and to invest in. Indeed, it is listed as a safe place by the CIA safe list, something to remember. There is no army here, as achieved by president Oscar Arias during his first presidency. Costa Ricans are famous for their easy going and peaceful ways, and their friendliness.

Another good point is the property ownership rights; by far the best of Central America, it secures buyers who are non-residents or foreign citizens alike, an advantage rarely seen abroad.
Good healthy living, indeed, the motto here is “Pura Vida”, meaning Pure Life, excellent communications like high speed internet, good shopping and sophisticated medical service just add to the appeals of this country.  Indeed it is the number one destination for those in search of cosmetic surgery and dentistry!
Finally, who could forget the divine climate that we enjoy all year around! Costa Rica has two seasons, and both are warm. One is the dry season, or summer, and the other the rainy season, the one they call winter but it doesn't really feel that way!

The rainy season usually start after Easter, in April. It begins hesitantly with scattered rains and some heavy storms. There is is small mini summer in July and August, and the full rainy season settles in  during October and November, until December when the dry season comes back again.

The driest and hottest place is undeniably on the Northern Pacific Coast in Guanacaste, while the central valley is slightly cooler, something some people prefer.  Guanacaste is hot, and hotter, dry, amazing, and beautiful, The Caribbean is...The Caribbean, wild, green, wonderful, flamboyant. The volcanoes are impressive, indeed Arenal has given us an eruption this week, a nice show for the lucky ones who happened to be there!

Such a small country and so many mini ecosystem!  Not so many know that there are more species of birds here than in the whole of the US....

Indeed all this contributed to the boom of the Real Estate Market in Costa Rica, everyone suddenly wanted to live here.  This boom, however, did not cause any havoc; with a sound legal system and a stable economy based mostly on tourism and agriculture, Costa Rica Real Estate will continue to lure more investors as well as those in search of a better quality of life. A life many would not be able to afford back home,  that they can find here with Costa Rica Property, where many opportunities are still waiting to be explored and relished, without the stress and anxieties of the modern world. Life in Paradise does exist, after all!

Karen Ebanks

US: 1-(954)-636-6124
CR: 011-506-8843-9581

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